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Why Should I Attend the Service? Loss at any stage is traumatic. Early loss is often not acknowledged or discussed, with commemorative services seldom taking place, whilst services for babies who are stillborn or lost in early years, are usually conducted while parents are in a fog of grief and pain.

And how wonderful it is as Christians to realize we have these hopeful, profound words to comfort us: "Until we meet again. Share Flipboard Email. Updated February 28, Here are a few practical points to keep in mind when a loved one is close to dying:. Most patients know when they are dying. Massachusetts hospice nurse Maggie Callanan said, "When those in the room don't talk about it, it's like a pink hippo in a tutu that everybody's walking around ignoring.

The person who is dying starts to wonder if nobody else gets it.

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That only adds stress—they have to think about others' needs instead of dealing with their own. You may want to sing to them a favorite hymn , read to them from the Scriptures, or simply chat about things you know they enjoy.

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Don't put off saying goodbye. This could become a major source of regret. Sometimes a goodbye can invite a relaxation response.

Your loved one may be waiting for your permission to die. However, the final breath may be hours or even days later.

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Often, the act of saying goodbye can be repeated a number of times. Take the opportunity to express your love and offer forgiveness if needed. Let your loved one know how deeply you are going to miss him or her. If possible, look into their eyes, hold their hand, stay close, and even whisper in their ear. Although a dying person may appear unresponsive, he or she is often able to hear from you.

Continue Reading. If four-year-old you could see you now, they would have no fears about the challenges of making friends. Seeing your expat friends come and go also makes it clear just how important it is to step outside the expat bubble and make local friends, a support network you should grow and nurture.

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When and if the time comes for you to say goodbye to your host country, you might be surprised to find that this is actually the hardest of all the farewells. You have spent the past few months, or even years, living in this foreign culture, only to realize that it is now no longer foreign to you, but a home. No sooner do you find yourself settled do you have to contemplate the prospect of moving again. The thought of saying goodbye to this chapter of your life is certainly challenging, if you have been living in a country for years, it can feel like you are leaving behind a piece of your identity, and if you have just stayed for a few months, you feel like you are saying goodbye before you have had a chance to explore everything.

Yes, take some time to mourn this part of your life, but be ready to take the next step, whatever this may be, and look forward to it. Exploring the world and learning about different places, having a wide web of friends from across the globe, surely makes up for the many somber moments of goodbye. Saying goodbye is never easy but the prospect of future adventures is hopefully enough for you to overcome any fears. Life abroad is, in many ways, what you make of it.

So even when the seemingly endless farewells are getting you down just try to stay positive and look forward to what lies ahead. Sophia Obrecht is an intern with the Editorial Office. Currently taking a year abroad for her History and German degree at Durham University, she is an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys exploring Munich and its surrounding areas. Join now Log in Email. Password Forgot password?

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