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Marketers know this and often leverage that heritage with customers, but in a world where there is disruptive competition for brand loyalty, is heritage marketing still viable? The answer is yes.

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While some companies are shelving the heritage value of their brands, others, including Upfield, Ford, Hunter Douglas, Benjamin Moore, and Hormel, are capitalizing on the intergenerational equity of products and brands to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Bradford Hudson, professor of marketing at Boston College and president of the Brand Heritage Institute in Boston, says companies quick to abandon brand heritage are making a mistake. But it's really more about creating a hybrid product to make it relevant to consumers. Old, historic hotels are a perfect example.

According to Hudson, a majority of young people have favorable impressions of historic hotels; they just want modern functionality. Combine rustic charm with updated bathrooms, he asserts, and the clientele will respond to the full experience.

Heritage Marketing

Brian Orlando, North American CMO at Upfield, a carve-out of the Unilever food spreads business recently purchased by KKR, believes that drumming up the past can be a powerful mechanism to drive a connection. Upfield's strategy is designed to remind consumers of the taste profile of its products.

People get used to a certain taste and don't necessarily like change. Yet, as consumers stroll the aisle of their local grocery store, for example, they can see numerous disruptive brands have entered the marketplace, including private label or less expensive brands. That's when it's important for heritage brands to "remind consumers about the most important thing — the taste — and that the brand will never let them down," Orlando says.

If that consistency is absent, it's like meeting a stranger, not like someone we know. Connecting to memorable moments through taste, or how the product was originally made, make for a great story. Unilever's Hellmann's brand mayonnaise is the perfect example of this. With a recipe of simple ingredients — eggs, oil, and vinegar — Hellmann's remains true to its origins of more than years ago, when life was simpler. Conjuring a feeling of naturalness and the brand's origin story for fresh, simple ingredients helps build an emotional bond with consumers.

Chapter 1: Heritage Marketing An Introduction | Engineering

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First, what is heritage branding?

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