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The Carters - APESHIT Lyrics

Have you ever seen the stage goin' apeshit? She a thot that you claim woo!

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Can't be toppin' my reign c'mon, c'mon, c'mon Poppin', I'm poppin', my bitches all poppin' We go to the dealer and cop it all cop it all Sippin' my favorite alcohol alcohol Got me so lit, I need Tylenol Tylenol All of my people, I free 'em all free 'em all Hop in the whip, wanna see the stars Sendin' the missiles off, trickin' my inhibitions off for the Richard Mille, yeah yeah, live in a field My body make Jigga go kneel, man, my momma, my loyal, my shield Look at my jewelry, I'm lethal lethal These diamonds on me, they see-through see-through I'm a Martian, they wishin' they equal equal I got M's on the back like Evisu.

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    Stay Connected to Video Data Bank. Yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet Bought him a jet Yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet Shut down Colette Yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet Phillippe Patek Yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet Get off my dick! Call my girls and put 'em all on a spaceship brr! Have you ever seen the stage goin' apeshit?