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Although I live with the "best" type of MS "relapsing-remitting" with flare-ups followed by partial or complete recovery I'd be lying if I said it's been easy, because MS changed my life in many ways.

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It's sometimes called an invisible illness , and for me this has been true. I've had to leave parties early, cancel plans or not go out at all.

Selma Blair describes the moment she received her multiple sclerosis diagnosis

The repercussions of having an invisible illness is that at times I've been accused of being lazy or ill-mannered. There were times when I had flare-ups and scheduled nursing visits at our home to hook me up to intravenous steroids during the hours my son was in school.

Or the time I forced my husband and son to leave me behind for a vacation in Florida with our extended family. Or the time I fell flat on my face in the middle of a restaurant and people laughed at "the yuppie drunk. I live with the unpredictability of a disease with no cure.

The Lay of the Land

So we built a home with raised countertops and grab bars in every bathroom. I nap daily because of MS fatigue, wear flat shoes and sneakers for better balance and mobility, and meditate and practice yoga to reduce stress and keep my muscles stretched. At one point, a colleague questioned my cognitive functioning. Some people with MS experience cognitive dysfunction, but I haven't. She was ignorant and I became angry.

But my anger led to an "aha! And so began my next venture, fulfilling a lifelong passion of paying it forward to others. So, no, I'm not resting.

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I'm living a full life within the abilities I have. Having MS is not within my power, but what is within my power is refusing to let it gain the upper hand. Qualified participants answered questions focusing on a broad range of topics that affect people with MS. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. My story begins in After I was released, I noticed that I couldn't feel my feet.

I married that boy. Mentioning the word yoga to my first neurologist gave him a good chuckle. I chose the latter. But into each life a little rain must fall, and this is my shower.

Stories of Inspiration – MSAA: The Multiple Sclerosis Association Of America

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The majority of MS sufferers will not face paralysis. In fact, two thirds of individuals with MS will not suffer paralysis or a major disability. There are always exceptions to these figures, however, as those as young as 2 and as old as 75 may develop MS.

Multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, Jack Osbourne, there is hope

This is one myth that is not only untrue, but holds a chance of relief for MS sufferers. Women with MS have the same fertility rates as non-MS sufferers.

Additionally, many women report that during pregnancy, their MS symptoms completely disappeared. There is a percent chance of relapse within the first six months after pregnancy. While genetic factors do play a role in developing MS, there is no evidence that a woman with MS will pass the disease down to her child. Statistics show that there is a 2 percent chance that a child will develop MS from an MS-diagnosed parent.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of modern medicine, there are many different treatment options for those with MS. Most of those diagnosed with MS will be able to continue their everyday activities. Not only does exercise help keep the body in shape, but it also helps fight off depression and anxiety, which many MS sufferers struggle with. Like us on Facebook.