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General Comment Better than this version is the one by The Insects or someting like that.

Money (That’s What I Want)

They take it to another place. They push the form closer to the content and it sounds greedy and souless yet musical. This version is the only way to go. Better than the original, better than any version since. General Comment I think you guys are talking about the Pretenders' cover of this song because they have a female vocalist Chrissie Hynde and they formed in the late seventies.

I like the Beatle version best. General Comment This version is good.

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But the original Barret Strong version is better. Thank you for leading me to it.

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It's nowhere in the same league, though. Flag tudormon on June 08, General Comment "i thought they meant the flying lizards" I hope so. I can't think of anyone who would call the Pretenders obscure General Comment All this time i had thought the flying lizards were the ones to come up with the amazing song! Rate These Lyrics.

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Money - that's what I want

Log in to add a tag. More The Beatles Lyrics. You can see it not only in their influences—Charli XCX has said she was obsessed with Britney Spears by the age of seven, and now has written music for Spears—but also in their mode of ascent, which is to say, via the Internet. Sky Ferreira and Azealia Banks fit this description, too.

For Charli XCX, in particular, the nineties serve as a fashion inspiration as well. I like to feel like a character. You have to be in control of your own shit.

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