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A go-to guide on how to confront, heal from, and ultimately thrive after the devastation of betrayal by a partner's compulsive sexual or other addictive behavior The first book specifically for partners affected by addictive behavior that addresses, in detail, how to identify, create, and maintain boundaries as a vital component of self-care and an indispensable tool for healing and growth. Through working the 5-Step Boundary Solution partners will. She is the author of the blog for partners Survival Strategies for Partners of Sex Addicts vickitidwellpalmer.

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Sexual Addiction: A Modern Plague

You deserve to have safety. You deserve to have your pain and trauma validated.

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Support for partners of people with problematic sexual behavior is a relatively new field. As more and more partners started being seen by helping professionals, it began to be noticed that trauma was a huge piece of the puzzle. This means that as an APSATS certified life coach, you can expect me to operate not just being sensitive to your trauma, but from the viewpoint of your trauma.

For years, PSAs have been labeled as co-addict or co-dependent, their safety-seeking behaviors misunderstood, mislabeled, and discouraged. This disempowers the partner to have healthy boundaries, not request what she needs for safety, and stunts the healing process.

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Have you been mislabeled or misunderstood? I hope this free PDF validates your experience, and empowers you to seek the safety you need and deserve. Here are 5 crucial things to help you start off intentionally, with the priority on how to get you safe, and keep you feeling that way.

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Build a good support team. Find a support group for women who are going through the same journey. They are indispensible support for you on this long and often isolating journey. Re-establish safety in your home. Porn-blocking software on devices, no-cash policies, regular attendance at Step meetings, seeing a therapist.

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What do you need to feel safe in your space? I highly suggest using your support team to help you build these safety boundaries.

Interview with Partner Who Left Sex Addicted Husband

Decide who to tell and who not to tell. Our first inclination, sometimes, is to let everyone know just what he did!

The question is: “Can you really fix a broken marriage?”

But that might come back to haunt you. You want to only tell safe people — people who will honor your journey , supporting you as you find your way through this messy situation and discover what is true and right for you. Practice good self-care. Go for a run, hit that punching bag, go to the yoga studio and center yourself — do what physically will help you release the stress.

Sarah Morales | Life & Relationship Coach

And, for almost everyone, I would say get out in nature. Practice grounding techniques. It may feel like it, but you are not about to die. In this room is Individual coaching is where I get to give you the focus and priority you deserve. Scholarships are offered to help clients who cannot afford my full fee. But where do you start? If you're anything like me, the mountain of different resources out there can be overwhelming.