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This change, however, is not limited to a change in location. The contract terms can also differ considerably from your in-house SLA or traditional outsourcing contract. Join this training to learn more about contracts, probabilities and trust in the cloud. Become aware of contractual pitfalls and prepare your communication and change management strategy for your Cloud services project.

Comment innover? Vaut-il mieux innover ou copier rapidement ceux qui le font? All projects face issues, sometimes more complex than others. Can coaching empower your PMs to be more successful and autonomous in their projects? Coaching is primarily about self-discovery; this is the biggest difference vs. Presented by Alban Fleury. We have all been in a situation where we have to deal with someone who we find difficult.

We may feel frustrated, angry, anxious, annoyed, or just irritated. We ourselves may even be seen as difficult at times. In this course, we will explore ways in which we can deal with these situations and people gracefully and consciously. Specifically, here are ten alternatives that you can choose from, when dealing with difficult people. We typically believe that a choice must be made between waterfall and agile approaches, however recent research and practice show many advantages of combining them.

Do you need agility to respond to changing requirements and a moving environment? Do you need to have a formal structure to align to corporate financial cycles and procurement practices?

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In this presentation we will discuss the challenges of today's projects and develop together a simple model that combines the strengths of a waterfall structure and agile principles. Votre projet vit au rythme de l'information qui y circule et cette information fait souvent aussi partie de ses "livrables", sous forme digitale.

Your voice is your most important communication resource when it comes to engaging and inspiring others. The same sentence spoken in another tone of voice, another pace and with another emphasis, can make a world of difference in how it is received by the listener.

  2. PORTE DORLEANS Les j ours;
  3. Prédateur Spirituel – Prem Rawat alias Maharaji.
  4. Do you sometimes turn people off when you speak, or do people get excited and convinced by what you say? Join this interactive and fun workshop and learn how to use your voice to make yourself heard, understood, and remembered. Discover how to ground your voice in your body to bring out an authentic, powerful voice. Understand the speaking habits that help or hinder your voice. Learn to vary and spice up your voice and way of speaking to command attention and make people want to listen to you. Venez nous rejoindre dans le monde complexe de la performance humaine!


    Cet atelier vous apportera des pistes pour innover dans la tradition. Comment confronter ces deux mondes? Il est temps de prendre un peu de recul pour mieux sauter. The performance of a team is not a coincidence. It is built around a project with people who might sometimes compete, complement or support each other. All projects imply a degree of uncertainty, because the nature of a project is to achieve something new. When a project is explicitly considered to be "innovative" or a project of Innovation, this degree of uncertainty significantly increases.

    In such a context, initiators of the project must be able to identify, crystallize, and present the project's value proposition in a business case or project proposal. In this workshop, participants will use Design Thinking techniques to develop the basis for a new project. Then, using prototyping and eco-system modeling, participants will deepen and widen their thinking to establish a concrete value proposition, identifying key resources, key partners, revenue streams and cost structure in order to present a plausible business case to secure the necessary funding for their project.

    Alors comment font-elles, comment font-ils? Cette formation interactive passe en revue quelque outils et comment le chef de projet peut en tirer parti. Et ceci sans effort. Formation 2.

    Apprentissage informel et projets collaboratifs

    Formation 3. Formation 4. After a short introduction participants will experience human aspects of knowledge flows that will touch on: Barriers that hinder the knowledge flow Scalability in knowledge sharing Underestimating the potential value of knowledge We will wrap up the workshop with a short discussion and exchange of ideas on successful knowledge flows. Formation 5. Formation 6. Formation 7. Formation 8. Formation 9. Formation Rencontres avec les exposants 1. Rencontres avec les exposants 2. Rencontres avec les exposants 3. Rencontres avec les exposants 4.

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    L'art de bien PARLER : Méthode PRATIQUE pour devenir un bon ORATEUR !

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    Formations | Congrès du Management de Projet

    Navigating structural violence with Indigenous families: The contested terrain of early childhood intervention and the child welfare system in Canada. Goodkind, J. American Journal of Community Psychology, 46, Hallett, D. Aboriginal language knowledge and youth suicide. Cognitive Development, 22, p. LaFrance, J.