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Dragonflight 2. Dragonquest 3.

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Dragonsong 4. Dragonsinger 5. The White Dragon 6. Dragondrums However, another source claims I should read book 6 before book 5, and yet another says I should read books 1, 2, and 5 together, and then 3, 4, and 6. So, here are my questions: 1. How many books in the series should I read, and which ones, if not all? Which books are part of the 'main series'? In other words, which ones follow the storyline begun by Dragonflight? What order should I read them in?

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What are your favorite books, and why? If anyone could answer my questions for me while trying to avoid spoilers, I'd greatly appreciate it. The Mayan , May 22, Hi Mayan. A big question to start with!

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You may find more comments in the SF section, where Pern tends to be, I think. There's a long-running debate about whether Pern is SF or Fantasy. There's a lot of Pern books. This link help? Personally I'd start with: 1.

The White Dragon

The White Dragon and then see how you go, if you like them. Then go to The Harper Hall series: 1. Dragonsong 2. Dragonsinger 3.

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I read everything up to the Dolphins of Pern , where I felt overdosed on Pern. They got too repetitive, too cosy-home-y, too much like horses instead of dragons. But that is what some fans like, and they are comfortable with their similarity. Hobbit , May 22, I almost always want to read a series in chronological order, regardless of publication order.

Jumping around from time to time between books makes me twitchy. If you decide to explore more after that, then by all means go through the rest chronologically. Dragonflight is more or less the classic of the whole series -- although some of the others are pretty good as well -- and it will give you a good taste of the series as a whole. I have never bothered to read the co-written books, and from what I've heard about them it's just as well that I haven't. And yes, it's true that McCaffrey was never diligent about keeping her facts straight from book to book.

That makes me twitchy too, but there's no way to fix it now! Contrarius , May 22, I read the first in order as kid didn't have much choice, they were coming out as I read them. Got book 1 as a birthday present when I was fairly young. I never had a problem reading them that way. My enthusiasm for them fizzled out. I like series to end before I grow tired of it. I probably won't ever find the time to re-read them but McCaffrey kept me very well entertained over quite a few years. Have fun with them! Mark Lawrence , May 22, I agree with Hobbit that I'd definitely start with: 1.

The White Dragon These three are the "main" trilogy for the series. Once you've got those under your belt, you'll be in a good position to pick your next step based on what elements of Pern interest you most. Because they jump around a lot in terms of time period, characters focused on, regions being explored, etc.

I'm another one whose enthusiasm fizzled. I think the last one I read was Dolphins of Pern. I've always been very character-centric in my reading, so the fact that she only rarely went back to the characters I fell in love with in favor of expanding the worldbuilding with other characters was always a huge disappointment for me. Last edited: May 22, Jen , May 22, Yes, while the in-world chronology places The White Dragon after the first two books of the Harper Hall series, it's more thematically linked to Dragonflight and Dragonquest.

You should be fine reading those three, then moving on to the Harper books if you're still interested.

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  5. As for the rest of the series, I never got past Moreta. I liked it, but I could sense diminishing returns on the horizon. DailyRich , May 22, I have no idea how far I got. Like everyone else, I stopped at some point after Harper Hall. I dont think I got to the dolphins. So -- with Sorcerer! I'm not a heroine--I just play one. Along with psychotics, vamps, housewives and hookers. As my agent is fond of pointing out, there are more actors in New York than there are people in most other cities.

    Translation: beggars can't be choosers. A capo in the afterlife makes peace between the Big Guy and His only begotten son The island nation of Sileria lies in the shadow of Darshon, the Destroyer Goddess, the great volcano that dominates the landscape and people of Sileria. When she awakens, their world trembles.

    She has lain quiet for decades, throughout the occupation It is a time of vast changes in the island nation of Sileria. Oppressed for centuries by one conqueror after another, this land of fierce pride and ancient rivalries awaited the prophesied Firebringer, who would free them. Josarian, a mountain peasan On the Edge of Rebellion For a thousand years, Sileria has toiled under the yoke of foreign conquerors.

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    Savage Moorlanders, sorcerous Kints, and now the hedonistic Valdani have forced the Silerian mountain clans into harsh slavery. Villages have b In the time she'd been in New York, she'd co-starred with a flock of bleating sheep in a commercial, played a prostitute on stage, and even worn a shark costume for a trade conve We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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