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Another reason for the rising unemployment levels is the lack of adequate growth in the job market. Quite simply, there are not enough jobs to accommodate society. While there is an increase in job opportunities, it is eclipsed by the number of job seekers.

In early , the unemployment rate was at That is 9. Unemployment has a dismal cause and effect relationship with society. The poverty trend of found that over half of South African society is living in poverty.

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As the cost of living increases, this frightening statistic worsens. The unemployment rate in the and year age groups is steadily increasing. Of those 9. In the meantime, unemployed graduates are feeling the effects of this statistic every day. There is growing despondency amongst the youth as a result of the restricted opportunities available. Some have even gone to great lengths to protest this, taking matters into their own hands.

Earlier in the year, the Hire A Graduate campaign was born, in which quite a few graduates took to the streets in the Eastern Cape, posing with sign boards promoting their qualifications in hopes that their future employer might drive past. High school pupils are no longer motivated to go to University or college because they can see a high number of graduates who are unemployed. I checked company websites and online job boards like it was my religion. I applied to jobs multiple times a week.

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I checked my peers who I graduated with to see if they got jobs. I always had LinkedIn open on my computer. I was doing everything right, and it was very frustrating not seeing any results.

6 Months Post Grad - Traveling, Depression, Unemployed

I cringe even thinking about it. All I wanted was some sort of security. A guarantee. A contract. And all I got were unreturned e-mails and unwanted phone calls. It was scary not knowing what kind of place I would be in come summer. But then again, I had the whole world.

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I could apply anywhere. Live anywhere. Do anything. Having that freedom is equally exciting as it is terrifying. I had a friend from college who connected with me on LinkedIn mid-though my job hunt. We met up, I took a typing assessment, we talked about my strengths and weaknesses, and she suggested a job for me.

Usually recruiters will reach out to you if they see your resume on LinkedIn or a job board, but I was lucky that I knew her in college.

What I Learned From Being a Broke, Unemployed Graduate

Never underestimate the power and connections of a recruiter! Never stop updating your resume, researching interview tips, pinning appropriate office outfits, tweeting relevant information, learning about different companies, and crafting your skills. And when you do get that job, kick butt. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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Graduated?Life after university as an unemployed graduate.

A degree does not guarantee a job… But I feel like many college students are brought up believing it is. They are certainly not lazy. They were simply given one path, one option in life: go to school, get a degree, and then you can get a job. They spent all of this time, effort and money working towards this goal. The education system encouraged them to do so and their parents likely followed along.

Again, they did nothing wrong. The problem is in the framework and in the way our economic model incentivizes people. The economy is largely controlled by companies.

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They have money and jobs. They decide whether or not to hire you. This previous sentence may seem so matter-of-fact that it might not warrant a second glance. We are cycled through this education system with not much option and then are at the whim of profit-seeking companies to make a living. They are simply operating in a world where maximizing profit is the incentive.

The big assumption that is drilled into our heads during school is that people need to work for other people.